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Immigration Lawyer Markham

Immigration Lawyer Markham – Ronen Kurzfeld

You wouldn’t put your immigration dreams in the hands of just any immigration lawyer in Markham, would you? The Markham immigration lawyer expert at the Immigration Law Office of Ronen Kurzfeld doesn’t want to see that happen.

We have helped 1100+ immigration applicants over the years and we are happy to say that they were able to realize their dream of immigrating to Canada. We take your decision to immigrate as seriously as you do and want to help you on this journey.

As experienced immigration lawyers in Markham, we strategize and execute your case to better your chances for a favourable outcome. We do this by updating our knowledge on the ever-changing Canadian legal system so we can best represent our clients.

Markham Immigration Lawyer Services

Highlight of our Services

The process of sponsoring a relative or being sponsored by a relative for permanent residency is hard to do without proper help. First, there are certain requirements that a sponsor must meet to secure eligibility.

Do you want to find out if you are eligible to sponsor or be sponsored? Contact the Markham immigration lawyer expert at the Immigration Law Office of Ronen Kurzfeld today.

But maybe you’re in a different situation. Let’s say you’ve been accepted into Seneca’s Markham campus or another approved Canadian institution nearby. An experienced immigration lawyer in Markham knows what needs to be done to secure your student visa. We will help you prove that you have been accepted to an approved Canadian institution and that you can obtain adequate funds for both your tuition and your living expenses for the duration of your schooling. This information will need to be provided to and approved by immigration officials.

Why Choose Ronen Kurzfeld To Represent You As Your Markham Immigration Lawyer?

Our areas of expertise are not limited, either. We offer services including admissibility hearings, federal court appeals, deportation hearings, and sponsorship hearings. These types of cases are best-taken care of by specialized immigration lawyers such as the Immigration Law Office of Ronen Kurzfeld. This is because these cases often concern sophisticated legal matters. In order to best represent you and to have the best chance at winning your case, they require certain care and preparation that only an experienced immigration lawyer has.

Do you have an interest in becoming a Canadian citizen? One of the most important steps to achieving citizenship is applying to be a permanent resident. The Immigration Law Office can help check if you are eligible and, if you are, potentially help you obtain permanent residency.

Our application package for permanent or temporary status typically includes:

  • A legal submission letter explaining why you are the ideal candidate for temporary or permanent status. This letter is carefully crafted and developed to persuade visa officers to approve your application.
  • Preparation of a perfected application package, which includes all the requirements and necessary information that will be reviewed by authorities.
  • Monitoring of your application from start to finish, including any necessary communication with the authorities.
  • Preparation for an interview, if one is necessary.
  • When the visa is ready for you, we guarantee that you will receive it on time with the information relevant to your arrival in Canada.

As immigration lawyers in Markham, we understand the importance of helping those who are immigrating to Markham because a majority of its population is made up of people from all over the world.

If you want the Immigration Law Office of Ronen Kurzfeld to handle your immigration case, contact us today.

*Our head office is based in Toronto. We serve locations around the GTA.

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