Canada is one of the most welcoming countries in the world when it comes to accepting new immigrants into its fold. It has over 60 Immigration Programs inviting different sets of candidates with varied criteria. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has been growing and adding new programs aiming to make its immigration intake even more robust in the coming months. Despite a flourishing opportunity presented by the Government to immigrate to Canada, millions of candidates still don’t make the cut due to errors and mistakes made in the application. Simple errors can lead to long-lasting delays or even rejection. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for Canadian Immigration

Inconsistencies in History and Personal Information

When applying for permanent residency, temporary permits, or work permits, you may be required to list your travel history, employment history, and/ or personal history. Every gap has to be accounted for irrespective of the length of the gap. Even a week of unaccounted time could lead to delays and further background checks. This history has to be crisp and concise and all dates and events should flow together without overlaps or unexplained gaps. 

  • Note down short vacations in travel history – do not skip any vacation or visit taken outside the country of residence.
  • Even periods of unemployment need to be recorded and mentioned in the employment inquiry segment. 
  • All dates should be corroborated with relevant documents and reference letters. 

Listing Dependants who are Ineligible

When applying for permanent residency, there are eligibility criteria in place on who can be listed as dependants. Only spouses, common-law partners, children (biological and/or legally adopted) can be listed as dependents on a form. This can however be misunderstood and applicants end up listing their parents or siblings as dependants. 

In order to avoid this mistake, check the eligibility criteria for dependents and list only the ones which can actually be mentioned in the form. This will help avoid unnecessary processing times. If you have confusion, contact us for a consultation to fill the right form with accurate dependants listed.

Translation Issues

Asian countries such as India, the Philippines, China lead the bulk of immigration year after year. An issue in the application might arise because English is not the official language in these countries. Canada accepts English / French as the official language. When you submit documents, they have to be submitted in either English or French. 

When English or French documents cannot be arranged, do the following:

  • Send the documents backing it up with proper English or French translations
  • An authorized photocopy of the original document being sent
  • An affidavit of the translator used

Incomprehensible or incomplete translations will not be accepted in the form. Make sure to hire a certified translator to avoid delays or rejections. 

Deadlines Matter

IRCC has thousands of applications to process and is on a tight deadline. Every action that has to be taken by you, has to be within the timeline and deadlines mentioned. It can take a few months from the time you submit your initial application till the time the final COPR mail arrives, which is why you must chalk down your immigration journey and have an idea about the timeline to better plan ahead. 

When asked for biometrics, financial proof, medicals, personal information, etc., be sure to submit all the documents on time to not face further delays. Set alarms or reminders for yourself a week in advance to ensure no deadline is missed. 

Another important step to keep in mind is keeping a track of renewal dates. If medicals have to be renewed or any immigration documents require renewing, ensure they too are done promptly. 

Misunderstanding Rules

Canada offers over 60 immigration programs and each has its own set of rules and criteria. If you’re not talking to an immigration consultant, chances are you could end up getting confused about the various criteria and are unable to choose the program that fits you best. Do not follow what others have done as what applies to one candidate may not apply to you. Here are some common mistakes you should avoid when applying to an immigration program:

  • Do not mix up departments during inquiry calls
  • Makes sure that your CLB and IELTS scores are in tune with the program you’re applying for
  • Mailing the application form to the incorrect office for processing

Not Taking Immigration Assistance

Immigration rules can be tricky with a variety of dos and don’ts. While a lot of information regarding Canadian immigration is available on the internet, it may often not be up to date or there may be a gap in understanding the actual requirements needed to qualify for a program. Immigration rules can change overnight and if you are not well updated and in sync with how the immigration system works, chances are you could lose your chance to move to Canada for a better life. 

With proper immigration assistance, you can avoid mistakes, file proper documents and avoid rejection of your application. Hiring a legal immigration consultant works out to be more cost-effective than trying to rectify application mistakes, not to mention all the time you end up losing due to delayed processing times. Get the right immigration assistance to be able to move to Canada without any difficulties or issues. Contact us for any immigration-related questions as we have successfully handled tricky cases and situations as well. We are abreast with the current immigration trends and will guide you through the process at all times. 

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Avoiding the mistakes mentioned above will surely smoothen the process of immigrating to Canada. With millions of applications being rejected for the smallest of mistakes, ensure your application is sent the right way with all the details and documents in place. 

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