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Canadian Citizenship Services

Subject to the Canadian Citizenship Act, someone is a Canadian citizen if they were:

  • Born in Canada after February 15, 1977;
  • Born outside of Canada after February 14, 1977, but one of their parents, other than an adoptive parent, is a Canadian citizen;
  • Citizenship/ acquired citizenship has been allowed;
  • Dual citizenship is permitted by Canada. However, not all nations permit their citizens to hold Canadian citizenship (i.e. countries that do not allow dual citizenship) if they become a Canadian citizen.

Individuals who are applying to be a Canadian citizen must submit an application and write a citizenship test. The test demands knowledge of English or French, general knowledge about Canada’s geography, history and political system.

It is necessary to be sure that the applicant is qualified to apply for citizenship. Applicants must get the necessary number of days before applying for citizenship. Should it be otherwise, the applicants might not be eligible. There is absolutely no refund.

The eligibility requirements to apply for citizenship:

The applicant must have resided in Canada for 3 of the previous 4 years immediately prior to his/her application, and after having received permanent residency. Applicants who have had a Temporary Resident Status immediately preceding the date of landing in Canada may also gather residency time for up to a maximum of 1 year. Any Temporary Resident status prior to obtaining permanent residence in Canada counts as 1/2 time.

The notion of residence calls for a consideration of the extent to which an applicant keeps, for citizenship, settles into, or centralizes his/ her ordinary manner of living for the required three year period in the four years preceding the date of application. In other words, a person must demonstrate having created a house in/ while outside of Canada, in which he or she is residing, maintained adequate ties and connections with Canada, to indicate a continuity of their residence in Canada.

Please contact our office, as the computation is not simple, should you have any questions regarding your qualification.

Kids/ Children citizenship services:

Minor children under the age of 18 aren’t required to fulfill the residency condition, provided that they have one parent who is either a Canadian citizen or who is applying to be a Canadian citizen. The parent of a child who is under 18 may apply for the child when the child receives permanent resident status.

For further information regarding the procedures, please contact us.

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